We offer a range of outsourcing services according to your requirements


Outsourcing is the process by which you contract out all or part of your business operations to us. Whether you need a comprehensive payroll bureau for your clients or financial management/bookkeeping services, we are well positioned. Many practices need a helping hand during busy periods of the financial year such as tax return filing. With years of experience in outsourcing, we can minimise any disruption and ensure seamless integration with your organisation.

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Technological Advantage

High-tech offices. Globally integrated systems. Proprietary software. All of these advantages are easily accessible to you everywhere, all the time.

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Capacity and Scalability

With offices in multiple locations and a staff strength in excess of one hundred and increasing, we are able to take on any size and complexity of work. We are able to grow quickly as your business requires.

Experience and Expertise Staff

Experience and Expertise

With decades of experience, our highly skilled, well trained and suitably qualified team are able to tackle the most complex of tasks.

Managed Outsourcing


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Delegated Outsourcing


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Seasonal Outsourcing


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Managed outsourcing

Managed Outsourcing

Managed outsourcing is a holistic term to describe the provision of accountancy-related services by Desai & Co Accountants to you and your clients. We offer a range of service levels which can be tailored to your specific requirements. These can be from as simple as providing one service to some of your clients all the way to offering all services to all of your clients.

Level 1 – All services to all clients

We take care of all the accountancy-related work for your practice leaving you to focus on growing your business and maintaining existing client relationships. This level of managed outsourcing is appropriate for firms seeking to eliminate the operational burden of running an accountancy practice. For accountants moving towards retirement this is a viable option to take a step back without fully disposing of the business.

Level 2 – Some services to all clients

You may not have the time, resources nor the desire to handle certain services in-house. A popular outsourced service is that of a payroll bureau because it is deadline-orientated and time-intensive. We are also able to provide bookkeeping or financial management services, an area in which our technological advantage provides efficiency gains and proves cost effective to you.

Level 3 – All services to some clients

Every practice has those clients which it cannot afford to keep but at the same time, cannot afford to lose. Allow us to handle the accountancy tasks for these clients while you sustain the client relationship and focus on your more lucrative clients.

Level 4 – Some services to some clients

This is the most flexible level of managed outsourcing. We offer completely bespoke packages to accountancy practices who have more specific requirements whether it be outsourcing payroll services for a group of clients or allowing us to manage all services of a single client. With our experience we can ensure an effortless process to achieve seamless integration.

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Delegated Outsourcing

Delegated outsourcing (or subcontracting) is the service we offer to corporates whereby a specific function is delegated to us whether it be for one or many of their clients or an internal process of their own.

Our large office in India is ever-expanding and capable to handle the introduction of large increases in workload. Furthermore, with a strong reputation created over many years, we are able to attract the highest calibre of talent. This coupled with our internal training programme ensures that the quality of work delivered is of the highest level.

As requirements vary from business to business, it is essential to undergo a thorough evaluation of your needs. We will undertake a comprehensive study to understand your tasks and processes. We will then apply our expertise to develop a suitable plan.

Please get in touch with us to further discuss your requirements.

Seasonal Outsourcing

Every accountant requires a helping hand at some time or another. Allow us to lend a hand when the going gets tough. We have all been in a position when we have all the information from our client and need to meet a particular deadline however there are not enough hours in the working day to complete everything in time.

The 31st January deadline to complete self-assessments for clients is a prime example of a busy period when assistance may be desirable. Engage Desai & Co Accountants to help your firm complete time critical tasks such as tax returns. Provided all the required information our experienced team can compute and return these to you for checking and submission – all within the given deadline.

Seasonal Outsourcing
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