Thousands of businesses served. Knowledge and expertise in a wide range of sectors. All of the UK covered. Dedicated business consultants. Cutting edge technology.


Around a thousand businesses served. Knowledge of a wide range of sectors. All of the UK covered. Dedicated business consultants. Cutting edge technology.

About us

Desai & Co Accountants

Desai & Co Accountants occupies a unique segment in the UK accountancy market. Doing away with the traditional practices of local accountants we have embraced technology both in our back office processing and also in how we interact with clients in order to become more efficient and offer a better quality service.

The ‘miles covered’ statistic highlights how active our team of dedicated business consultants is. While we are a rapidly growing firm, this personal touch will not be lost as it forms the core of our business. The consultants add an additional layer of experience and expertise to our service and can assist in bringing your business onto the right footing and sustainable growth path.

With over one hundred staff across two offices, Desai & Co Accountants has amassed a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience in all fields and areas. Our clients are able to get the answers they desire without difficulty or lengthy waiting periods.

We do not conduct any mass marketing; all of our growth is organic which highlights the satisfaction of our clients with our outstanding service.

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Wheel of Desai & Co Accountants Services

Our Services

As suggested by the wheel of services, at Desai & Co Accountants we take a holistic approach to our clients’ needs. Many services are conventional but it is how we go about providing these services to you that sets us apart from traditional accountancy practices.

Queries can often go unanswered for weeks with traditional accountancy firms. With us the client has direct access by email or phone to our staff to have their queries answered in a timely manner. For everything else, dedicated business consultants are always at hand to provide guidance or clarification.

We have amassed considerable experience and expertise in all fields. In our VAT department for example we have individuals who specialise in specific sectors and VAT schemes who will ensure your VAT is processed most effectively.


Outsourcing is a deep and complex area and there is no industry blueprint. At Desai & Co Accountants, with years of experience we have devised a simple yet structured approach to offering our outsourcing services. We are certain that we can accommodate even the most demanding requirements. See below to gain a further understanding of our offering.

Managed Outsourcing


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Delegated Outsourcing


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Seasonal Outsourcing


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Practice Acquisition


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Technology applies to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones


Our embrace of technology sets us apart from traditional accountants. We have developed bespoke in-house systems for our back office and processing to ensure our unique, centralised approach is efficient and yields the best possible service quality for our clients.

Some key features
Capture of digital signatures
Bespoke software to manage client relationships
Operationally paperless
Quick, secure access to information and data

Dedicated business consultants are equipped with iPads which are securely connected to our systems allowing them to submit information to our processing staff immediately. At the same time, consultants can retrieve information and documents instantly to discuss with clients.

For our more tech savvy clients we can also offer tailored solutions for even faster exchange of documents, data and information.

Find some fun facts below relating to our adoption of electronic systems and processes:

Documents scanned to electronic copy


Operationally paperless

Updates to client records

Dedicated Business Consultants

Clients are assigned a dedicated business consultant upon joining Desai & Co Accountants. The consultant will be responsible for managing the client’s relationship with various departments and also be at hand to provide business guidance and advice. Consultants are mobile throughout the country enabling us to offer our services from Brighton to Edinburgh.


Across our team of consultants we have a wide range of experience and expertise ranging from the restaurant/takeaway sector to individual I.T. contractors. We also service many clients who have multiple places of business. Consultants are able to look at the bigger picture and consider the owner’s personal situation in combination with their business.



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